Flatiron Frolics

July 10th - 13th, 2019
Wednesday - Saturday

The Flatiron Frolics is an annual tradition dating back to 1953 when Gerry Scofield and Dave Morgan captured the first championship. The Flatirons' Frolics is a four day Men’s Member Guest  Invitational including events for spouses and significant others. This premier golf and social event has brought great tradition and memories to the Boulder Country Club for many years, and will continue to do so for many more to come.

On this site, you will find all the information for this year’s event including our famous themed parties! Should you have any questions, please contact Kevin Bolles, Director of Golf at (303) 530-2226 or kbolles@bouldercc.org. We are looking forward to hosting you and your guests at the 67th Annual Flatiron Frolics Member Guest.

Frolics Participant Form  Letter From Director of Golf
  • Roster
    • Aweida, Peter & Lalenia                   Aweida, Ryan & Mackenzie - Scottsdale, Arizona
      Beans, William & Kim                       Marsh, Charles & Carmen - San Jose de Cabo, Mexico
      Belenski, Alan & Judi                        Frutchey, Brian & Alessia - Reading, Pennsylvania
      Berg, George & Shirley                    Berg, Justin, & Sally - Boulder, Colorado
      Biffle, Brian & Linley                        Biffle, Bill & Lillian - Albuquerque, New Mexico
      Bigelow, Benjamin & Elizabeth      Cook, Todd & Beth - Wellesley, Massachusettes
      Budacz, Ron & Grace                       O'Flanagan, Dermott & Martina - Punta Mita, Nayarit, Mexico
      Burke, John & Lisa                            Broumpton, David & Nancy - Westminster, Colorado
      Caruso, Daniel & Cynthia                Panega, Marty & Marcie - Mead, Colorado
      Cavanaugh, Ken & Eileen                Cavanaugh, Kenneth & Donna - Austin, Texas
      Christenson, Greg & Eileen             Kollhoff, Rick & Denise - St. Charles, Illinois
      Collins, John & Laura                        Collins, Jim & Denise Filbrick - Danville, California
      Corson, David & Leigh                      Ellis, Chris & Jana  - Denver, Colorado
      Dale, Scott & Julie                              Dale, Matt & Natalie - Smyrna, Georgia
      Dennis, Larry & Holly                        Browning, David - Laguna Niguel, California
      Dolan, Patrick & Missy                      Dolan, Brennan - Boulder, Colorado
      Drake, Scott & Susan                         Jacobs, Nick & Chris - Chevy Chase, Maryland
      Eiss, Andrew & Jennifer                    Eiss, Jon & Kelly - Wayzata, Minnesota
      English, Jim & Gayle                          Vuytowecz, Chuck & Pam  - Pauma Valley, California
      Fair, Greg & Lean                              Packer, Jim - Manhatton Beach, CA
      Gaddis, Bob & Mary                         Gaddis, Bill & Amanda - Indianapolis, Indiana
      Gallant, Jeff & Sarah                         Britt, Jeff & Linda - Rochester, New York
      Gamble, Bruce & Becky                   Gamble, Beau - Boulder, Colorado
      Gillespie, Adam & Kirstin                 Brewster, TJ - Atlanta, Georgia
      Gouin, Dean & Beth                         Gouin, Brandon & Alex  - Broomfield, Colorado
      Granat, Doug & Lisa                        Granat, Jim -  Northbrook Illinois
      Greenwood, Mike & Lisa                 Belcher, Mark & Amy - Longmont, Colorado
      Haisfield, Randy & Tamara             Tapper, Scott & Liz Griffin - Stuart, Florida
      Hanson, Duke & Susan                   Hoverstock, Joe & Sara  - Boulder, Colorado
      Hayes, John & Susie                         Fusco, Joe & Karen - Northbrook, Illinois
      Hefter, Dennis & Ellen                     Cook, Scott & Kathy - Cleveland, Ohio
      Jones, Michael & Sally                      Wilson, George  - Bulls Bay Awendaw, South Carolina
      Karpuk, Mike & Sandy                      Hagerty, Mike & Janet  - Scottsdale, Arizona
      Kimble, Greg & Cayla                        Lopez, Jon - Broomfield, Colorado
      Knight, Anthony & Kim                     Weiman, Jason - Boulder, Colorado
      Lococo, Don & Carol                         Aldrian, Fred & Kathy  - Laguna Niguel, California
      Magaldi, Mark & Deborah               White, David - Winnipeg, MB, Canada
      Mark, Bill & Sally                               Mark, Jeff & Lara - Castle Pines Village, Colorado
      Mark, Braden & Anna                      Poulos, Nick & Nicki - Littleton, Colorado 
      Matthews, Mike & Linda                 Matthews, Mark & Sherry - Mesa, Arizona
      Mendicino, Frank & Kellie               Mendicino, Mike & Julie - Salida, Colorado
      Miller, Randy & Linda                      Miller, Mike & Lobelia - McKinney, Texas
      Moorhead, David & Leslie              Bartels, Joe & Jeanette Teigen - Boulder, Colorado
      Morgan, Jeff & Karin                        Nettles, Charlie & Betsy - Houston, Texas
      Nesmith, Dwayne & Lisa                 Wimer, Paul & Lisa Pinto - Englewood, Colorado
      Oechsle, John & Linda                     Cope, Guy & Britney - Omaha, Nebraska
      O'hara, Kevin & Samantha             Harding, Joe & Holly - Boulder, Colorado
      Orris, Jay & Christy                           Partyka, Bill & Mari - Morristown, New Jersey 
      Orzech, Paul & Cindy                      Hill, Troy - Westminster, Colorado
      Owens, Chris & Betsy                     Owens, Trevor - Denver, Colorado
      Padgett, Bob & Marny                    Padgett, Scott & Leslie - Castle Pines, Colorado
      Pentz, Jamie & Lisa                          Stier, Bobby & Bridget Mirande - Lafayette, Colorado 
      Peterson, Dave & Mary                  Scanniello, Mark & Donatella - Boulder, Colorado
      Pieper, Bryan & Molly                     Stringari, Greg & Tammy - Westminster, Colorado
      Quatrochi, Nick & Danielle            Taniguchi, Conor - Los Angeles, California
      Rada, Hanson & Bonnie                 Barlow David & Sarah - San Antonio, Texas
      Rathburn, Kirk & Tara                     Meneley, Doug & Patty - Westminster, Colorado
      Rebich, Erik & Megan                      Saucier, Breck - Phoenix, Arizona
      Sander, Charlie & Leann                McGuire, Kevin & Kim - Denver, Colorado
      Sandusky, Carl & Sally                    Hunter, Dave & Claire - Spring, Texas
      Shaw, Steve & Sandy                       Nock, Doug & Tracy - Ladera Ranch, California
      Shell, Ross & Peggy                          Murray, Alan & Moira - Boulder, Colorado
      Steinhauer, Pete & Juli                     Steinhauer, Patrick & Serena - Irvine, California
      Stroiman, Jeremy & Lindsey           Gagne, Ari & Kelly - Chico, California
      Thal, Alan & Terrie                            Thal, Travis & Tara - Denver, Colorado
      Tharp, Richard & Ms. Renee Maybee Tharp, Travis & Ellee Durels Tharp - Denver, Colorado
      Vertuca, Jr. Carl & Jane                     Vertuca, Ryan & Nicole - Scottsdale, Arizona
      Vigil, Nik & Marsha                            Vigil, Brad - Denver, Colorado
      Webster, Bob & Susannah Thulson Baxter, John & Nancy - Pauma Valley, California
      Williams, Michael & Colleen Stout    Davia, Dan & Jenn - Erie, Colorado
      Worland, Ben & Annah                     Faith, Max & Melita - Littleton, Colorado
      Wunsch, Edward & Vivian                Common, Mike & Jennifer - Boulder, Colorado

  • Entry Fee & Payment
  • Tournament Schedule
    • Sunday, July 7th - Champions Cocktail Party - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

      Wednesday, July 10th

      8:03 a.m. Warm Up Competition*
      12:33 p.m. Warm Up Competition*
      6:00 p.m. Ladies Welcoming Reception
      6:30 p.m. Opening Reception & Party
      Registration/Team Wagering*

      Thursday, July 11th

      7:00 a.m. Breakfast
      8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Shotguns  1st & 2nd Round Matches PALMER & PLAYER Divisions
      12:30 p.m. Buffet Lunch
      1:30 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. Shotguns    1st & 2nd Round Matches NICKLAUS & HOGAN Divisions
      2:00 p.m. Women’s “Mad Scramble” Check in
      2:30 p.m. Shotgun [Fowler Course] Women’s “Mad Scramble”
      5:30 p.m. Putting Tournament* & Dinner - THEME - "WOODSTOCK"

      Friday, July 12th

      7:00 a.m. Breakfast
      8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. Shotguns  3rd & 4th Round Matches NICKLAUS & HOGAN Divisions
      10:00 a.m. Shotgun Start [Fowler Course] Women’s Individual Stroke Play
      12:30 p.m. Buffet Lunch
      1:30 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. Shotguns   3rd & 4th Round Matches PALMER & PLAYER Divisions

      Saturday, July 13th

      7:00 a.m. Breakfast
      8:30 a.m. Shotgun 5th Round Matches ALL Divisions - NICKLAUS, HOGAN, PALMER, PLAYER
      9:00 a.m. Women’s “Frolics & Forehand” Tennis Tournament
      11:00 a.m. Buffet Lunch
      12:45 p.m. Slugfests & Flight Playoffs
      3:30 p.m. Frolics' Championship
      7:00 p.m. Cocktail Party & Awards Presentation
      8:00 p.m. Dinner & Entertainment

      *Optional events, additional fees may apply.

  • Women's Events
    • To start with, we have a Welcoming Reception hosted by Kevin Bolles, Director of Golf for the ladies on Wednesday evening at 6:00pm-6:30pm, just prior to the Opening reception. This event is exclusively for the ladies. At the reception, we will review the events of the week, register for the Mad Scramble Golf Tournament, Individual Stroke Play and Tennis Tournament, as well as, get to know each other. I hope to see you all at this event.

      Ladies’ Opening Reception

      Wednesday 6:00 p.m. - Private Dining Room

      Opening Reception

      Wednesday - 6:30 p.m.
      This reception is for all participants and their spouses, attire is golf casual. At this event, you will register for women’s events, pick-up tee gifts, enter the optional cash pool, and pick your favorite teams in the lottery wagering. Ladies are welcome to wager on the teams, as well.

      Ladies' Mad Scramble

      Thursday - 2:30 p.m.
      Like past years, the “Mad Scramble” golf outing on Thursday includes golfers and non-golfers alike. Try your hand at some of the “fun” on the Les Fowler short course or if you would like to cheer us on, there will be a tent on the short course filled with food and drinks. Following the Mad Scramble is the traditional Frolics putting tournament with a women’s division.

      Putting Tournament & Woodstock Dinner Party

      Thursday - 5:30 p.m.

      Ladies' Stroke Play Tournament

      Friday - 10:00 a.m.
      Another golf event for the more avid golfer, the Individual Stroke Play Tournament will be held on Friday. If you want to test your game against the others, this is the event. You may register on Wednesday evening for this event. Handicaps are not required.

      The Frolics Putting Tournament, Mad Scramble, and Individual Stroke play are for registered Frolics members and their guests (i.e. their names must be listed on the entry form).

      “Frolic & Forehand” Tennis Tournament

      Saturday -  9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
      Doubles Round Robin – Register at the opening reception or RSVP Kbolles@bouldercc.org

      Awards Reception and Dinner

      Saturday 7:00 p.m.
      The attire for the reception and dinner is country club evening cocktail attire.

      Frolics' Shop

      For those of you that would like a little something to remember the Frolics by, there will be men’s and women’s shirts, wine glasses, and barware all with the BCC Frolics logo.

      Club Usage

      Guests of Frolics participants are all welcome to utilize all of the BCC facilities including the Athletic Facility, tennis courts, swimming pools and guest fees are waived for Frolics guests.

      Fitness Programming

      I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to experience the many offerings of our athletic facility. Contact the Athletic Center for schedule of classes and times (also attached). Pre-registration is not required.

      Lastly, our entire staff is committed to making this an enjoyable and memorable time, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. Enjoy yourselves at the “FLATIRON FROLICS”.
      Should you have any questions, please contact Kevin Bolles, Director of Golf, at 303.530.2226 or kbolles@bouldercc.org.

      Kevin Bolles, PGA
      Director of Golf

  • Format & Rules
    • The Main Event - Flight Matches

      You and your guest will comprise a two-player team. The field of two-player teams is divided into four (4) divisions based upon the combined handicaps of the partners: NICKLAUS (Lower handicaps), HOGAN, PALMER, and PLAYER (Higher handicaps). The divisions will each have three flights of six teams. The flights are also based upon the combined handicaps of the partners. The competition is a Net Better-Ball of Partners match play with each of the other teams in your flight. Each team will play five nine-hole matches. Flight champions, runner-ups, and Death Flight winners will advance to the division play-offs. The remaining teams will play in the “See You Next Year” Slugfest. The four division play-off winners advance to the Frolics championship.

      Death Flight

      After the third round, the two last place teams & ties of each flight will automatically qualify for the Death Flight (in addition to still being a competitor in their original flight). Within each Death Flight, the team with the highest point total from the 4th & 5th rounds in each division will advance to the Division Play-offs. If a Death Flight team wins or finishes 2nd in their original flight, the 3rd place team of the original flight will advance to the play-off.

      Scoring & Match Contingencies
      Each match is worth Nine (9) points: Points are not rewarded for the Match

      • One (1) point for winning the hole
      • One-half (1/2) point for tying a hole
      • Zero points for losing the hole

      Bye & Forfeited Holes
      If a team does not show for the match or holes of the match (i.e. show-up late or leave early), the opposing team will play against par for the match or holes.

      If a player is late for a match, the other player will represent the team. The player who is late may join the match between holes, but cannot participate in a hole if any player of the match has hit their second shot. If a player leaves early, the other player will represent the team, and play out the match.

      Tie Breaker for Flight Champions, Runner-Ups, & Death Flight Winners
      In the event of a tie for flight champions, runner-ups, or death flight, the tie will be decided by:

      1. Points won on the head to head match
      2. Total of the net better ball of partners for the five (5) rounds (last 2 rounds for the Death Flight)
      3. Better ball of partners for the final round, last six, last three, then last hole backwards.

      The Bourland Trophy

      The Bourland Trophy is awarded to the team with the lowest gross better ball of partners’ for 45-holes played on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If still tied after Saturday's round, a sudden death play-off will start off the #1 Tee . In the event of a tie after two holes of play, a team “Chip-off” (total distance from the hole for both players) will determine the winner.

      Handicaps and Strokes

      Stroke allocations for each individual will be at 80% for the better-ball of partner’s competitions (these are the posted handicaps in the packet). Handicap allowances for the division play-offs and the championship will be based off of 100% of the player’s course handicaps. For teams with a handicap difference of 9 strokes and more, the higher handicapped player will be reduced an additional 10% and rounded up at .5. Frolics' handicaps will then be divided in half for 9-holes and ½ strokes will be allocated to the players with odd numbered handicaps on each nine. Full strokes will be indicated with a dot and half strokes will be indicated with a 1/2.

      Division Play-Offs

      The format will be a modified alternate shot three-hole play-off. Both players will tee off the first hole (only), and then select the best shot and alternate shots throughout the remaining holes. If player A putts out, then player B will tee-off of the next hole. Stroke allocations will be based off of 100% of the players course handicaps and the USGA recommendation, 16% of the team’s alternate shot handicaps (60% of low player & 40% of high player) combined and rounded to the half (.25-.74 = .5 and .75-.24 = whole #) . In the event of a tie after three holes of play, a team “Chip-off” (total distance from the hole for both players) will determine the winner.



      Nicklaus Division

      18, 1, 2

      Terra Shehee

      Palmer Division

      2, 17, 18

      Thomas B. Noonan, Jr.

      Hogan Division

      17, 18, 1

      Kris Kodys

      Player Division

      1, 2, 17

      Tim Radomicki

      The Frolics’ Championship

      The four division play-off winners advance and will compete in a two-player net aggregate four-hole play-off: Hole’s 1, 2, 17, 18. Stroke allocations will be based on the USGA recommendation of 22% of each team’s combined course handicap rounded to the half (.25-.74 = .5 and .75-.24 = whole #). If there is a tie for the Championship after four holes, the playoff will continue on hole #1 & #18 with strokes applied. If still tied after 2-holes of play the championship will be determined with a chip-off. A tie for second, and third places will be determined with a chip-off on hole #18. All chip-offs are the total distance from the hole for both players.

  • Optional & On-course Events

      $50 per team (cash)
      The competition will be a net better-ball of partners. The field will be split into four divisions based on divisions. Purses for all divisions will be based on the number of teams entered in each division. The top three scores and ties of each division will split the purse equally, with the winning team getting a $50 bonus.

      Cash Pool

      $200 per team (payable in cash during registration)
      The format is the Net Better-Ball of Partners for 18 Holes (Thursday and Friday) and 9 Holes (Saturday). The pay-out is per division based on 18 paid teams per Division. We will also be paying out winners of each Flight with this Cash Pool. All Ties will be broken in accordance with the USGA method.

      The Frolics’ Team Wagering

      $10 per share
      The Team Wagering will be conducted during the opening reception and closes prior to the first shotgun. Each player is entitled to purchase unlimited shares of any team. The pay-out will go to those holding tickets for the Frolics overall 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. The pay-out will be 1st (50%), 2nd (30%), and 3rd (20%).

      Putting Tournament

      Two players will make a team. Each player will putt until the ball is holed. The team score will be the sum of the two player’s scores. There are two divisions: Men & Women 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will be awarded in each division.

      On Course Events

      Why not a little competition in the competition. Try your hand at these on course opportunities!
      NEAREST TO THE HOLE CONTEST Holes #3, #6, #11, #15 -Thursday and Friday
      LONG DRIVE CONTESTS Holes #8 & #18 – Friday Only!
      HOLE-IN-ONE CONTESTS Hole #6 – Thursday Only!
      Bob Webster - Webster Investment Advisors $10,000 ($5,000 to Evans Scholars & $5,000 to the Winner)

      Athletic Center Usage

      The Fitness Department would like to invite Frolics participants and their guests to enjoy all of the fitness and wellness amenities offered at the Athletic Center.

      Guests can attend group fitness classes, schedule a personal training session, massage, or physical therapy appointment during the week of Frolics. Group Fitness classes are drop-in with the exception of Pilates Group Reformer ($19/class), Group Cycle and Cycle Cross classes (complimentary). Pre-register for these classes by calling the Athletic Center.

      To schedule a massage or physical therapy appointment, please call the Athletic Center Front Desk: 303-530-3328.

      Enjoy all that BCC has to offer during Frolics!

  • Social Events
    • Wednesday, July 10th

      Opening Reception & Party
      6:30 PM Fireside Dining Room.
      A great opportunity to register for all optional events at the Club. Heavy Hors d' Ouevres and cocktails. All participants and spouses are invited to attend.
      Country club casual attire.

      Thursday, July 11th

      Putting Tournament & Dinner
      5:30 PM
      Just before sunset, we will host the Pot O’ Gold Putting Contest once again! In all the time we have hosted this event we have not had a winner so the cash prize has now grown to over $9,000. Purchase as many tickets as you like for only $5.00 each. Five names will be drawn for their chance. Each name drawn will have the option to putt themselves or pass it on to their spouse or guest. One putt from 50 feet away wins it all! If there is more than one winner, each will split the pool evenly. If there are no winners, closest to the hole will win $500. Tickets will be on sale starting Wednesday night at the Opening Reception and continue until 7:30pm Thursday night.

      Theme: WOODSTOCK!!!

      Saturday, July 13th

      Award Ceremony & Closing Dinner

      7:00 PM Cocktail Reception & Award Presentation on the Main Putting Green
      8:00 PM Dinner in the Fireside Dining Room

      What better way to close the event than to gather at the Club one last time in the Fireside Dining Room and recognize all the winners from the event. We will feature pass hors d'oeuvres during the cocktail reception, a spectacular sit-down dinner.
      Evening cocktail attire, no jeans, jackets recommended.

  • Divisions & Flights
    • Nicklaus Division

      (Play Blue Tees Thur. P.M. & Fri. A.M.) 

      Flight 1
      Team # Member Hdcp Guest Hdcp

      1   Patrick Dolan  3   Brennan Dolan  -1
      2   David Corson  4   Christopher Ellis  1
      3 James English  3   Chuck Vuytowecz  2
      4   Anthony Knight  4   Jason Weiman  2
      5   Randy Miller  4   Mike Miller  2
      6   John Collins  4   Jim Collins  3

      FLIGHT 2

      7   Bryan Pieper  2   Greg Stringari  5
      8   Duke Hanson  6   Joe Hoverstock  2
      9   Nicholas Quatrochi  1   Conor Taniguchi  8
      10   Peter Aweida  6   Ryan Aweida  4
      11   Nik Vigil  2   Brad Vigil  8
      12   Randy Haisfield  4   Scott Tapper  6

      FLIGHT 3

      13   Jamie Pentz  9   Bobby Stier  2
      14   Bob Gaddis  5   Bill Gaddis  6
      15   Mike Matthews  6   Mark Matthews  6
      16   John Hayes  6   Joe Fusco  6
      17   Chris Owens  10   Trevor Owens  2
      18   Braden Mark  9   Nick Poulos  3


      (Play Blue Tees Thur. P.M. & Fri. A.M.)

      FLIGHT 4

      19   Bruce Gamble  2   Beau Gamble  10
      20   Charlie Sander  10   Kevin McGuire  2
      21   Doug Granat  7 Jim Granat  6
      22   Frank Mendicino  5   Mike Mendicino  8
      23   Erik Rebich  10   Breck Saucier  3
      24   Adam Gillespie  3   TJ Brewster  11

      FLIGHT 5

      25   Robert Webster  11   John Baxter  4
      26   Mark Magaldi  13*   David White  2
      27   Greg Chrisenson  6   Rick Kollhoff  10
      28   Steve Shaw  10   Doug Nock  6
      29   Jeff Morgan 6 Charlie Nettles 10
      30   Bill Mark  10   Jeff Mark  6

      FLIGHT 6

      31   Paul Orzech  9   Troy Hill  7
      32   Ben Worland  10   Max Faith  6
      33   Greg Kimble  14*   Jon Lopez  2
      34 Carl Sandusky 8 Dave Hunter 9
      35   Jeff Gallant  10   Jeffrey Britt  7
      36   Larry Dennis 7   David Browning 10
      *9 - Stroke Rule


      (Play White Tees Thur. A.M. & Fri. P.M.)

      FLIGHT 7

      37   David Moorhead  7   Joe Bartels  9
      38   Brian Biffle  6   Bill Biffle  11
      39   Bill Beans  10   Charles Marsh  7
      40   Jay Orris  2   Bill Partyka  15*
      41   Hansen Rada  13   David Barlow  5
      42   Jeremy Stroiman  10   Ari Gagne  8

      FLIGHT 8

      43   Mike Jones  10   George Wilson  8
      44                   Mike Greeenwood        9                     Mark Belcher                10
      45   George Berg  14   Justin Berg  6
      46   Mike Karpuk  14   Mike Hagerty  6
      47   Dean Gouin  10   Brandon Gouin  10
      48   Dave Peterson  12   Mark Scanniello  10



      49   John Burke   12   David Broumpton   10
      50   Ed Wunsch  9   Mike Common  13
      51   Alan Thal  13   Travis Thal  9
      52   Kirk Rathburn  8   Doug Meneley  14
      53   Scott Drake  7   Nick Jacobs  15
      54   Ron Budacz  14   Dermott O'Flanagan  9


      (Play White Tees Thur. A.M. & Fri. P.M.)

      FLIGHT 10

      55   John Oechsle   12   Guy Cope   11
      56   Don Lococo  9   Fred Aldrian  14
      57   Greg Fair  16*   Jim Packer  7
      58   Kevin O'Hara  14 Joe Harding  10
      59   Michael Williams  21*   Dan Davia  3
      60   Ross Shell  17   Alan Murray  9

      FLIGHT 11

      61   Dwayne Nesmiith   12   Paul Wimer   14
      62   Scott Dale  17   Matthew Dale  10
      63   Carl Vertuca  17   Ryan Vertuca  10
      64   Ben Bigelow  15   Todd Cook  12
      65   Bob Padgett  18*   Scott Padgett  9
      66   Dennis Hefter  17*   Scott Cook  10

      FLIGHT 12


      67   Alan Belenski   10   Brain Frutchey   18
      68   Richard Tharp  14   Travis Tharp  15
      69   Andy Eiss  15   Jon Eiss  14  
      70   Pete Steinhauer  19   Patrick Steinhauer  13
      71   Dan Caruso  15   Martin Panega  20
      72   Knute Cavanaugh  17   Ken Cavanaugh  19
      *9 - Stroke Rule


  • Scoring & Results
    • Scoring will be updated following each match so check back often!

      5 Match results


Thursday, June 13 | 6:30 PM
A five course Italian dinner featuring the wines of Baracchi Winery.

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