Dress Code & Policies

  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Use of cell phones on Club property is prohibited with the exception of the following instances:

      • Cell phones must be maintained in the vibrate or silent mode at all times.
      • Verbal cell phone use is permitted in the following areas: north and south vestibule of the Athletic Center; lower hall lounge area of the Main Clubhouse; the Board Room when vacant; all parking lots and paved roads (excluding cart paths); outdoor swimming pool deck; northwest corner of the lounge patio and cart barn & maintenance area. This will include checking voicemail messages.
      • Cell phone use is prohibited on the golf course unless all members of the group agree to its use and pace of play is not affected. Cell phones may be used to inform the Golf Shop of a slow pace of play or a medical emergency on the golf course.
      • Cell phones may be used for text messages, email or internet access anywhere at BCC so long as no sound is emitted.
  • Clubhouse Dress Code
    • The fundamental concept of the dress code is respect. Respect for other members, and respect for the Club and its traditions. The staff has been authorized by the Board of Directors to enforce our dress code. Members not meeting these requirements will be asked to comply and/or receive a notice of their violation. Any incident could result in Board action.

      Members are responsible for the dress of their dependents and guests.

      Headwear for men is restricted to the outer decks and lower level of the Clubhouse. The bill of the hat must be worn forward.

      All clothing must be neat, clean, un-tattered and otherwise orderly. Appropriate footwear is required throughout the clubhouse.

      Cutoffs, short shorts, tank tops, jogging shorts/tops, halter tops, crop tops, wide-net shirts, men’s sleeveless t-shirt and swim attire are not permitted anywhere in the clubhouse.

      Lower Level Clubhouse, Flatirons Grille, Fireside Lounge and adjacent Decks & Patios

      Country club casual attire is permitted including tennis and golf attire and denim. Country club casual is defined as neat, clean, hole-free, un-frayed, reasonable height, not sloppy or sexually suggestive.

      Fireside Dining Room

      The Fireside Dining Room is intended to offer a less casual dining option. Males are required to wear long pants and collared shirts with sleeves. Females would be properly attired in dresses, slacks and skirts of modest length. Shirts must be tucked in at all times in the clubhouse unless tailored for outside wear. Dress or designer denim (no holes or tattered appearance) shall be permitted. Shorts, tennis and workout attire are not permitted in the Fireside Dining Room unless otherwise noted for a Club event. Between May 1st and September 30th on Friday evenings, members are permitted to dine in the Fireside Dining Room if they are wearing golf attire including shorts. Headwear is not permitted on these nights. Flexibility with the dress code will be permitted at the manager’s discretion to accommodate overflow demand from the Flatiron’s Grille or Fireside Lounge as reasonably required.

      Club Events

      Special event dress codes will be communicated as needed. Country club casual is permitted prior to 5:00 p.m. any day and Pasta Nights.

  • Golf Course Clothing Guideline
    • During the off-season the golf course clothing policy was reviewed and revised. Please review the following guidelines:

      The fundamental concept of the dress code is respect. Respect for fellow members and the Club. Proper attire must be worn at all times on the Championship Course, Fowler Course, and all practice facilities.


      All shirts, other than camp shirts, must be tucked in. Men are required to wear collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (short or long sleeved) and golf slacks or appropriate shorts. Golf shorts are permitted and are to be of the appropriate length consistent with current country club fashion. Golf specific shirts (i.e. collared/mock with button down plaques) must be tucked inside of pants or shorts. Tank tops, tee shirts, short shorts, baggy shorts, swimwear, sweatpants, workout shorts or pants, denim and jeans are not permitted. Camp shirts are defined as those that have a collar, button all the way up the front, have a square bottom and are designed to not go lower than hip length.


      Shirts, shorts, golf skirts or skorts are to be of the appropriate length consistent with current country club fashion. Workout or athletic pants or shorts, short-shorts, baggy shorts, or extremely short skirts are not permitted. However, an athletic tight may be worn under a skirt or skort. Tank tops, swimwear, sweatpants, denim and jeans are not permitted. Halter top, tube top or tank top shirts or any shirts showing an individual's midriff are not permitted.

      MEN and WOMEN

      Golf hats and visors must be worn with the bill forward at all times.

      Appropriate shoes are required at all times while using the golf facilities. Only spikeless shoes or shoes with approved spikes may be worn on the golf courses and the practice facilities.

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